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Files and folders processor script :-)

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I was in need for a "file and recursive folder processor " so I tought :

Hey Im gonna build one ! :D

So there's 4 files :


ws.au3 --- the starting script, calling the main script doScriptFolderFiles

doScriptFolderFiles.au3 --- the superdoper processor :D

-ortf --- option for recursive top first (top down)

-orbf --- recursive bottom first

---- no param no recursion

-sscript ---- the called script for each file ( here doOneFile.au3 )

-ppath ---- path of the folder to process ;-)

-aarg ---- argument to pass to file processor script.

doOneFile.au3 --- the script called (in this case) for each file

vector.au3 --- some useful vector definition


How to try it .... :evil:

Put all files into your "MyDocuments"

Run ws.au3

ws will start doScriptFolderFiles with option to call doOneFile.au3 into MyDocuments.

doOneFile simply append the current folder name and file name whom it's currently processing into a file dir.txt place into MyDocuments.

beware :D if you have a big MyDocument s folder with full of stuff, it will create a big dir.txt file.

And of course that processor is NOT fast :mad: ....

So processing your C: drive can take a long long time ....


Hey that thing is for fun and simple stuff , feel free to trash it and build a better one :D but keep me inform :)

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If you're looking for a lot of files, it's nice to give the user a progress bar. Use the Progress*() functions, or write your own like my UDF:


See also my _FindAllFilesR() function:


The first function it calls, _FileGetTreeList() returns an array of the names of all directories under the given path, so you can use it like this:

loop thorugh $aFolderList
    Process each item of $aFolderList
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