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How to disable screen lock in Windows XP?

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I wanted to make some script which would run on computers with logged on users to prevent them lock screen, because usually I need to do some preparations or modifying in another script which I want to remotelly run there and it wouldn't work on a locked screen - or maybe I am wrong and some functions like winwaitactive work on locked comp - so I need something to delay it or prevent.

I tried a script which periodically moves a mouse 1 pixel left and then after one minute 1 pixel right, but it seems not to work - the computer locks.

So what can I do besides somehow changing the time to run the screensaver?

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To disable locking the workstation for any user, go to:



For specific users, go to the same location, except use Current User instead of Local Machine.

Once there, make a DWORD value called 'DisableLockWorkstation', and set the value to 1 to disable locking of the workstation.


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I have made a very simple and easy to use script(.bat) which disabled autolock by running the script in a console(cmd) window. If you want to stop the script, the user just need to close the console window.

:: SAVE this script as a .bat file and execute it to disable autolock   
@echo off
mode 69,9
title Stay Awake
echo Dim objResult > %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")    >> %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo Do While True >> %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo  objResult = objShell.sendkeys("{NUMLOCK}{NUMLOCK}") >> %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo  Wscript.Sleep (5000) >> %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo Loop >> %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
echo Start Time: %date% %time%
ECHO Please close this window to stop the Stay_Awake Script
cscript %temp%\stay_awake.vbs
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I am sure they all be happy to get this answer after 15 years and not being an AutoIt3 solution. ;) 

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