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TIMING, "Is AutoIt capable of perfect recording and playback timing?"

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I saw the sticky on keyloggers, so I know I'm walking on thin ice with this question, since this question isn't directly about them I hope it gets past the gate.

it really sucks that the darkies mess up this wonderful invention of recorded automation.


I like to make live music and I want something to record all of my HID actions while using my music tracker with perfect timing and low overhead processing, so I can play it back perfectly again and hopefully edit it if i want to.

I have little abilities coding from scratch, I can always however mix, match and modify things to do my bidding. :D

-Right Now*

So far since I set out on doing this I have tried sikuli(way to slow and huge overhead), autohotkey (autoscriptwriter just machineguns through my actions, but does record very nicely) and now AutoIt (no experience yet) linked from wikipedia, in the gui testing list.

I'm not really asking for anything other than "Is AutoIt capable of perfect recording and playback timing?"

So please don't be mad at me for asking this question.

If someone has written something exactly like this I would gladly send them a bitcoin.

since this is such a grey area with actual legislation surrounding it for some countries it's impossible to find this kind of thing.

Cheers wonderful people of Earth. :oops:

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Depends on the needed resolution of your actions.. If its simple macroes, that should just feed the playlist with input in good time, it's probably possible with some tuning. But anything requering actions < 50 ms, i wouldn't bet on it..

Ever wanted to call functions in another process? ProcessCall UDFConsole stuff: Console UDFC Preprocessor for AutoIt OMG

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I would say it's possible to achieve near perfect timing. Is a few millisecs going to make a major difference?


Question about decompiling code? Read the decompiling FAQ and don't bother posting the question in the forums.

Be sure to read and follow the forum rules. -AKA the AutoIt Reading and Comprehension Skills test.***

The PCRE (Regular Expression) ToolKit for AutoIT - (Updated Oct 20, 2011 ver: - Please update your current version before filing any bug reports. The installer now includes both 32 and 64 bit versions. No change in version number.

Visit my Blog .. currently not active but it will soon be resplendent with news and views. Also please remove any links you may have to my website. it is soon to be closed and replaced with something else.

"Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill!"

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First and foremost I want to say thanks for keeping the thread up I know this is a grey area, and I want to be as respectful as possible

Thanks for the responses! I can certainly get around a few milliseconds.


what does your Scriptomatic & resourcehacker do?

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Take a look inside my signature, there should be a link called "_Mouse UDF".

It records and plays your mouse movement for a certain time.

It could be tweaked, but I never found the motivation to do that.


A minesweeper game created in autoit, source available.


An UDF for registering functions to mouse events, made in pure autoit.

2D Hitbox Editor

A 2D hitbox editor for quick creation of 2D sphere and rectangle hitboxes.

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Nice one!

Checking it out now, seems the forum code embed box loses formatting for some reason so I formatted it to reflect yours.

-sikuli was crazy about formatting! not sure yet if AutoIt cares about the indentation/formatting (I don't know the exact term yet)

just noticed the example code,

is "_Mouse UDF" a function to include in a script?

Man this is Awesome!

thankyou AlmarM!

I have a lot of studying to do!

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