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Setting screen resolution

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Just wondered whether anyone has tried this or may have some idea of whether Autoit is actually the best way to do this. I would like to script the changing or setting of the screen resolution on multiple PC's. For instance, if the PC is currently set for 800x600 with 24bit color could I script a change to 1024x768 with 24bit (1024x768x24).

I assumed this would be fairly easy, however a search using Google groups doesn't really bring back a lot of hits on scripting a change, there are hits about determing the current resolution, but not on changing it. Am I correct assuming this is not as simple as making a registry change or something similar?

I would like to keep it totally self-contained as an AutoIT script, but I'm open to suggestions.



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I took this from the MSFN.org unattended guide. It may work for your needs.

MSFN Unattended Guide DOWNLOADS (check the very bottom)

Download: Video Resolution Changer

For some users, the values under [Display] in winnt.sif to set the resolution, color depth and refresh rate doesn't always work as it should. This executable can be run from [GuiRunOnce] to set the Display settings.

Extract 1365Vidchng.zip, and then copy 1365VidChng.exe into: C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$$\System32\ (This allows 1365VidChng to be executed from anywhere when placed in the Windows System32 Directory)

Usage: 1365VidChng.exe 1024x768x32@85 -q

The above will set a resolution of 1024x768, with a color depth of 32-bits, and a refresh rate of 85Hz. The -q switch will force VidChng to run quietly. Simply edit accordingly and then place this command at the very start of your [GuiRunOnce] batch file to set the Display Setting.
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I would like to keep it totally self-contained as an AutoIT script, but I'm open to suggestions.

Don't forget that using the FileInstall() functionality, you can adapt redfive19's suggestion into a self-contained one. The end result will be a compiled script that won't have any dependencies that it can't extract.
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