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Reading longer string from memory

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Hello, i have problem with memory reading.

I have to read long string, i want to made function to do that, this string is just in this offsets :

0x76D928, and next just add +4 like 0x76D928 +4, 0x76D928 + 8

So i need to made function to _MemoryRead(0x76D928 + $x, $proces) until finish all string.

I tried to do it like that :

Func string()
$d = -4
For $i = 0 To 7
$x[$i] = _MemoryRead(0x76D928 + $d, $proces)
$d = $d + 4
$z = BinaryToString($x[$i])
$string &= $z
Return $string

But doesn't work :/

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