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Client Window seems Invisible with pixelsearch

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hello everyone,

i made a script that on my windows7 pc that uses pixelgetcolor and pixelsearch ect. it works fine.

but when i launch it on my windows xp laptop the client window i want to search pixels in, is totaly ignored.

i used the AutoIt info tool on the client window and this also returns not the colors from the window, but the colors of my wallpaper (or whatever is behind the client window).

enable/disable cleartype did not help.

i googled and read something about api and refresh rate, but it wasnt quiet understandable because it was related to other problems.

i hope anyone can help me, thank you

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It would actually increase the speed, as accessing ram is many times faster than reading from "screen". That is, unless you take a new screenshot for every operation. Reuse is key.

Example: Get or Read Pixel from Memory UDF

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