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Focusing Link on GUI

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I have a problem in focusing the link on the installation setup(GUI). I have automated the most of the option in the installation setup, but clicking a link on the installation GUI not working as expected.

Following is the installation GUI and AutoIt Windows Info.

Posted Image

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Problem is I can particularly focus the each text box but unable to focus the link 'Advanced Port Configurations (Including HTTPS)' available in blue color sorrounded by red box. Red Box and Black Box are drawn by me. I need to click the text surrounded in red box and AutoIt Window Info focuses the whole form like the black box shows.

Following is code I have tried and I'm not sure why it is not clicking on the link.

$handle = ControlGetHandle("[CLASS:TWizardForm]", "", "TNewNotebookPage2")
ControlClick("Setup - Actual Title", "", "[ID:67104]")
;ControlClick("Setup - Actual Title", "", "[CLASS:TNewNotebookPage; TEXT:Advanced; INSTANCE:2]")
;ControlClick("Setup - Actual Title", "", "[CLASS:TNewNotebookPage; TEXT:Advanced; INSTANCE:2]")
;ControlClick("Setup - Actual Title", "", "[CLASS:TWizardForm; TEXT:Advanced; CLASS:TNewNotebookPage; INSTANCE:2]")

The lines starts with semicolon are commented lines that I have tried with no luck.

URL : Refered http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/intro/controls.htm

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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