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Focus with UDF ListView

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I'm struggling with finding a way to define the focus of a UDF ListView object. I know how to set the focus of a ListViewItem, but not the entire ListView control itself. I have a "Select All" button in my interface, which selects all items in a ListView objects. Of course, every time you click outside of the ListView (like the button), it shifts the focus away from the control, but when choosing the "Select All" button, I want the focus to return. I can see how to do this with the built-in ListView commands, but for those I need the controller ID, which the UDF controls don't have. Conversely, I had to switch to UDF objects because of some other features missing from the built-in objects. Is there any way to create a GUI Control that can be accessed by both UDF and built-in commands? Or are they pretty much mutually incompatable?

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