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How to check logon user client information remotely?

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How to check logon user client information remotely?

my previous idea is to check the remote event message on Win32_NTEventLog for Security.

normaly, we can just check the message info.

e.g. SELECT * FROM Win32_NTLogEvent WHERE Logfile = 'Application' where Eventcod ='4624'

then for each $objitem in the instance list to check stringinstr($objitem, "Logon Type: 10"),

however, to use WMI to get the eventlog is a quite big loading on the security logfile, because of security log will append itself while accessing per each time., the performance will be quite worse and worst.

besides, I tried to Select * from Win32_logonsession where logontype='10', however, this cannot get user name but just a unknown logonid....

so, is there anyway can help to query the information quickly and so that I can get the logon use's workstaion name, IP address etc..

Simple to say, I want to know who logon the remote machine and from where.

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