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Focusing on a link in IE


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Hi all

I am trying to automate some test scripts to be used to test SAP in the WebGUI. Unfortunately SAP is ill behaved and I am getting inconsistant results using tabs and enters. To aid in anchoring the position of the cursor I would like to focus the cursor (?) on the first link on the page*. (I can't tab to it as the number of tabs required seems to vary with the phases of the moon.)

So, I thought I would try altering the _IELinkClickByIndex function, by changing the following line:




Unfortunately, for reasons I don't understand, this does not work.

So, is there a way to just set the focus* on a particular link? Not click it, but just focus it?

*By focus I mean as if you had just tabbed to it and you can see a sort of dotted box around it.



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