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Can't seem to be finding the variable I want from memory

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I know this isn't directly related to AutoIt but it's kinda related. I've been using CheatEngine as my primary tool for finding the address of variables for me to read in my auto-it programs instead of using color coding (Allows minimized botting, more reliable for things like HP left, MP left, target HP left, etc....).

In this particular case, I am playing with Cabal Online NA version, which is protected by nProtect Gameguard. The fact that there is a hackshield here doesn't mean crap because under Windows 7 64-bit it's really crap. Run your autoit bot as admin and controlsends just go right through.

So unto my problem, I can't seem to be able to pinpoint my own HP variable, while I am able to find MP and target HP without any problem. Most static addresses for each value has a couple pointers (not a problem), but I just can't seem to find the pointers at all. I've tried looking for my own HP in all value types possible, so I was wondering if someone might have had a similar experience with another game and how he went ahead to resolve that.

Things that I've tried and done:

1) Usual multiplicative search (1x,2x,4x,8x and 16x in all value types)

2) Hex search instead of numerical search

3) Binary search instead of numerical search

I am just dumbfounded to be honest on this one, either I am making a novice mistake or the HP value is hashed, which wouldn't make any sense since the value appears on screen so it must be stored somewhere...

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