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@ScriptLineNumber needs an equivalent macro for use with multiple files

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Once upon a time a script got so large that it had to be organize into several smaller files. happy ever after?, well no, this resulted in the tragic death of my "debuging" function.

Func _Debug($sData, $line=@ScriptLineNumber, $Ext=@extended, $Err=@error, $name=@ScriptName)
    ConsoleWrite('File: ' $name & ' Line ('&$line&') => '& $sData)
    Return SetError($Err, $Ext, 0)

So I have






_Debug is called from somewhere in Script2.au3 which was included in Main.au3 and Main.au3 was run from scite


File: Main.au3 Line (202) => This Function: Suffered from serious head blah blah blah..

The problem.. Main.au3 is only 56 lines

@ScriptLineNumber becomes meaningless if I don't know which file it's referring to.

@Scriptname is perfect for what it is, no need to change, etc. but for debugging it's practically useless... , do I need to practice do mnemonic exorcises to debug my shitty, horribly written code? Why can't we also have a @Whichfuckingfileisautoitreadingatthispointintime


I changed the title of the topic so I won't get a single reply ranting how stupid the title of my topic is.. one can hope.

[Edit #2]

I suppose it's a bit naive to assume one even reads the title of this topic...

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Suggest you try debugging you scripts before ranting about something not working and therefor in need of some upgrade.

If the problem it is related to your code, but you can't find a way to work around it. Come up with some small example code showing the problem (runneble by others).

Or, IF it is something Not related to you code ... also come up with some small example code. (also runneble by others)

I use a similar Debug #include + functions, with @ScriptLineNumber and other macros. And it has not failed me yet.

... Or you could read the documentation on @@ScriptName. It might/should include something about it only returning the filename of the root or startup file. (Aka: the file you called from Scite.)) ...

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