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[update] Func SendPacket help

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Good evening, one programmer made this func for a game.

Ps: _ByteWrite is other func that writes the byte by byte in address of the memory.

Func SendPacket($PACKET, $SIZE)

$PACKET = StringReplace($PACKET, " ", "")

_ByteWrite(0x005D7F80, $PACKET) ; Escreve o pak

$aRet = DllCall("Kernel32.dll", 'int', 'VirtualProtectEx', 'int', $hProcess, 'ptr', 0x005D7F80, _

'ulong_ptr', 52, 'dword', 0x40, 'dword*', '')

_ByteWrite(0x005D7F10, "55 8B EC 6A" & $SIZE & "68 80 7F 5D 00 E8 C8 03 F7 FF 8B E5 5D C3")

_ByteWrite(0x005115A8, "E9 63690C00")

$hThread_2 = CreateRemoteThread($hProcess, "", "", 0x005115A8, "", 0, "")


_ByteWrite(0x005115A8, "E8 C5 76 F8 FF")

;Funçao Criada por BabyLoves - Recuse imitaçoes ;D

EndFunc ;==>SendPacket

but the func was pathed

Anyone know how to update the address, I think he made ​​using OllyDbg, I dont know.

original link...http://www.cheatsbrasil.org/local/autoit...oves-fun-oes-para-wyd-intermed

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Thread's gonna be closed. But anyway, copy and search for the opcodes in the old, nonpatched func, in the new program.

So... why would you help them, then? Next time I see you doing this you will be banned for awhile.

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