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Run DriveMapAdd as a different user

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I have this program that has to be run as an administrator. For this i have created a new shortcut that runs this commando line:

Local $sUserName = "administrator"
Local $sPassword = "password"
$programPath = @ProgramFilesDir & "\folder\program.exe"
if FileExists($programPath) Then

runas($sUserName, @LogonDomain, $sPassword, 0, $programPath, @SystemDir)
MsgBox(48,$MsgTitle,"Program not installed.",3)

But i need to map a drive as this administrator user as well, and not as the logged on user.

I hoped that this would help, in the IF sentence right above runas program as administrato:

runas($sUserName, @LogonDomain, $sPassword, 0, DriveMapAdd("i:", "\\server\share", 0, "username to share", "password to share"))

But it seems that it map this drive as the logged on user...

I can verify that by opening CMD with the administrator user and "net use". no mapped drive will appear. if i manually map the drive in this CMD, the program works, and i can verfy the mapping in the same CMD

Any suggestions?

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Do you already have a connection to that same server as the logged on user? You can't make concurrent connections to the same server with different credentials.

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