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finding the last line of data in excel file

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I am having trouble finding the last line of an excel file that has data on it. I have searched the help files and forum topics, but can't find what I am looking for.

I can read my file into an array. I think I can strip out the spacer. I know how to write an excel cell, but I can't find a way to not over write my current data in the file.

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Quote from help: _ExcelReadSheetToArray -> Remarks

Returned array has row count in [0][0] and column count in [0][1].

Except for the counts above, row 0 and col 0 of the returned array are empty, as actual

cell data starts at [1][1] to match R1C1 numbers.

By default the entire sheet is returned.

If the sheet is empty [0][0] and [0][1] both = 0.

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