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Checking ListViewItems

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Hello, and the best of the festive season to all

I'm having trouble working out how to check if ListViewItems are checked or not.

The help file says this (my bolding):

For Listview items several states can be returned as $GUI_CHECKED and $GUI_UNCHECKED (only for listview controls with LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES-exstyle and on 'advanced' return) . So use i.e. BitAnd(GUICtrlRead($Item),$GUI_CHECKED) to test if the item is checked.

So, here is my code, but the msgbox comes up for each and every listviewitem, whether I have checked them or not.

Func _Do_Action($action)
    local $iCntr,$tmp

    for $iCntr = 1 to $maxActItems
        ;  $tmp = GUICtrlGetState($actItems[$iCntr])    ; I tried this - doesn't work
        $tmp = BitAnd(GUICtrlRead($actItems[$iCntr]),$GUI_CHECKED)   ; $tmp is always 1.
         if $tmp = 1 Then      ; the checkbox is checked
              msgbox(0,"Check","Item is checked " & GUICtrlRead($actItems[$iCntr]))

Any ideas?

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Nice one!

That did the job nicely.


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