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Systray keeps spawning autoit icons

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Hi All,

I am a new user to autoit and I created my first script to automate a mentor graphics 3.3 install and it worked great manually but when I used it though SCCM it did not work...bummer. and I noticed these icons on the sys tray spawning. I converted into .exe but it seemed like I got problems instead of solutions. Has anyone used it for Mentor Graphics to automate keys ? do you call the .exe directly?

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are you calling an exe inside a loop?

are you calling your script inside your script?

did you name your script the same name as the program you're trying to automate?



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My scipt is below, I had it all uncommented at one point

Script Start - Install Mentor Graphics quietly
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & 'msiexec.exe /i setenv.msi /qb /l* %temp%setenv.log', "", @SW_HIDE)
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & 'vcredist_x86.exe /q /l:%temp%redist_mentor.log', "", @SW_HIDE)
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & 'msiexec.exe /i gw2odb_setup_v820 /qb /l* %temp%Valor_install.log', "", @SW_HIDE)
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & 'SETUP.EXE -silent -batch batchinstall.bat', "", @SW_HIDE)
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & '.DC7.9.1SETUP.EXE -silent -batch batchinstall.bat', "", @SW_HIDE)
WinWaitActive("Mentor Graphics Install")
;ControlSend("Mentor Graphics Install", "What would you like to do? >", "Robot", "d" ,"1")
sleep (3000)
sleep (3000)
; GW20DB install
;WinActivate ("GW2ODB Setup")

; Mentor Graphics MGC SDD Configurator SILENCE SEQUENCE
WinWaitActive ("MGC User Environment- Select License Type")
;ControlCommand "UnCheck", "Put whatever name in to uncheck radio button"
;ControlCommand "Check", "Put License Radio Button Name here"
;Install# 2 from DC7.9.1 folder
;RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c " & '.DC7.9.1SETUP.EXE -silent -batch batchinstall.bat', "", @SW_HIDE)
;WinClose ("Mentor Graphics Install")


Just put [autoit] before and [/autoit] after your posted code to get it in a nice box like this.

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