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AutoItX3 in C#, some problems

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Hello, I am using AutoItX in C# project through class-helper (link).Installing the reference in project are not suitable for some reason(compiled into a dllplug-in for a application does not see the assembly ofAutoItX, although the libraryis in the same location and is registered in the system).

I want to press the keys using the method in helper class - Send (string text, int viSpeed, int downLen) (viSpeed ​​- Alters the the length of the brief pause in between sent keystrokes, downLen - Alters the length of time a key is held down before being releasedduring a keystroke.).I use it:

String key = Char.ToUpper (Key);

AutoItX.Send (keys,0, HoldDelay);

method code in class-helper:

public static void Send(string text, int viSpeed, int downLen)


SetOptions("AuXWrapper.SendKeyDelay", viSpeed);

SetOptions("AuXWrapper.SendKeyDownDelay", downLen);

Send(0, text);


but in the application is clicked a not my button that is passed to the "keys".( I think the problem with the encoding, but i can't solve this. And even i pointing a value of HoldDelay pressed button isn't held. Can you give any adviceon the use AutoItX to the project in C#? Thank you.

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