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I am new to Autoit and I have been ok at making it do VERY VERY basic things. I'm wondering if it is possible to pull data from a field on a spreadsheet A and then type it out in another form? If you just bait me with the right commands I don't mind digging and learning.

Thanks a ton!


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Well I guess I’ll be more specific on what I’m doing.

I want to pull data from a cell in a web based access spreadsheet in one window and have auto it type it out in another web based form. I was doing it with simple winactivate, send and mouseclick commands. But one of the new areas I want to use does not let you paste info into it. You have to type out things in the box, so that is the problem.

I am still going to look into the suggestions you all have made, but I don’t think the excel one will work, this is just an assumption from looking at the help file on it.

I really enjoy learning this and thanks for the help!

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