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I've just tried out AutoIt. I have been searching for something like this for a while, glad to see you have such a strong community.

Can anyone please tell me why Internet Explorer keeps launching every time I use the Send function in my script? On the function:

Send ("&akldjflkj49523489#$#$#")

2 internet explorer windows pop up with the MSN homepage. I modified an ran my script over and over and I am certain that this is the line causing the problem.

Also, Windows x64 users have to specify the instalation folder to Program Files not Program Files (x86) like it is by default. If the default is set, SciTE editor cannot find AutoIt Compiler. Needs a fix.

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I ran that statement and it did not start up IE on my computer. Do you have any other programs running that might use hotkeys to start IE? The only two keys that you send exactly twice are the letters k and l. If you could give us a little more insight on what might be causing your problem, that would be helpful.

By the way, that seems like a quite an unusual string to be sending. What is it for?

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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