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Messenger SkinBuilder Sources

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Messenger SkinBuilder reached 200.000 downloads in 2 weeks. That was, and is, incredible.

But right now we cannot keep scripting this project so we decided to release the source code.

It's a gift to the community and we hope someone could continue this awesome project that made us so happy.

We saw everybody (who downloaded and used MSB) wants a newer version which supports WL Messenger 2011 but we cannot make this dream come true...but maybe someone else.

Remember: when we could we'll help this project keep living (even anonymously).

I hope that someone will do what we didn't.

The source files are bigger then 64k so I uploaded 'em somewhere else. I hope that is not a problem.


P.S: yes, I was DarkRickid2 :)

A digital hug, Di95.

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