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Laptop accelerometer (IBM ThinkVantage Active Protection)

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I want to start a topic about accelerometer system in laptop e.g. Lenovo ThinkVintage Active Protection. I think our community could do a useful and interesing programs with this system. But I'm newly with autoIT, and maybe someone can pull this subject farther.

My research and usefull links:

Script in Perl:


Examples and about Win32 dll:



Sample about "ShockMgr" and shockprf.sys


Sample in C++ and ASM (Polish lang):


In windows we got DLL's responsible for accelerometer:


C:Program Files (x86)ThinkPadTpShocksTpShLP.dll

I also using DLL Export View to check and that DLL's have usefull method, but I don't know how to go on with them.

I made simple code:

$dll = DllOpen("C:Program Files (x86)ThinkPadTpShocksTpShLP.dll")
;$dll = DllOpen("C:WindowsSysWOW64Sensor.DLL")
MsgBox(4096, "Status", $dll, 5)
$ret = DllCall($dll, "int:cdecl", "LP_GetStatus","int",1)
MsgBox(4096, "Status", @error, 5)

But I got errors, and I'm not sure is it a good method to start.

I look forward for opinion whose interested of this topic.

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