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GMAIL Automation!

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I am working on a script, I have to basically do the following things:

1) Login into GMAIL with my credentials.

2) Search for EMAILS by GOOGLE+

3) Delete all mails by GOOGLE+ (if any), by selecting all the mails one by one(not by checking the single checkbox on the menu bar) i.e. by ticking each checkbox one by one.(Ticking each checkbox one by one is my requirement)

Point 1 was pretty simple!

In Point 2 I had to use several tabs. It do look quite messy. I had to follow this method as the source file of 'after login page' doesn't show any details.If you will check the source file of your home page in GMAIL, is nearly empty. So I had no option so as to follow the multiple TABS method :)

But now I am struck with Point 3. I don't know how to proceed with point 3.

How will I know, what many Emails are going to appear in the result box, and how many I have to select.

I thought of applying some while loop, but don't know if it can help in this case.

Can anyone suggest if I can improve Point 2(which is presently unreliable) and how to go for point3.


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Point #1 violates our rules. Beyond that it escapes me why you need to do this. Set up a filter to delete the mail automatically.

Thread locked.

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