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Automatic & Dynamic Login solution


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I am trying to open a site via internet explorer and then enter login details and submit automatically .

I have succesfully got a script that does so , But the problem is that the script i have got needs name of form element, name of userid & name of password , in many sites like twitter there is no form name and i dont want to use mouse functions as every other site has different location , so can anybody tell me a dynamic solution to do it ????

Thanks in advanced !

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Thanks for replying in time ! :)

Maybe you are right , but i have got a software made from AutoIt , here it is


In this software user needs to store 4 things -

1.site Name

2.Site URL

3.User ID

4.User Password

And thats it , it will log you into the website and you need not enter name of form or name of text box ,etc !!!

Anyway , thanks for extending a helping hand !

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