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[CODE-HELP] Click in seperate Window until Terminate

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Hello Folks :-)

i'm new in AutoIt and tried it a few times

to automate some simple situations ^^

But they always took place on my Desktop

and never in a seperate Window like in a


What definitly works already is:

- Mousecursor move to specific X,Y Postion

and clicks in the Window which is non-activ

- By clicking it the first time it becomes activ

Now it shall keep clicking on the Position BUT

i think the window has its own Resulutoin and

thats why it wont work!

All that happen is, that it the window becomes

activ but nothing more - Desktop and AutoIt

seems to be Idle in the second it activates the



So ... how can i tell autoit to keep working after

the window has become activ? I am trying to do

it since 4 Days :)

Greeting DjGamma

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Hi, djgamma, welcome to the forums. Please take a few moments to read the forum rules here about game automation.

Edit: Reported so the thread can be closed.

Edited by JLogan3o13

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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