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Select printer name from list?

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EDIT: I found the answer to this one, exactly what I was looking for, right here:

It's obviously going to be easy to adapt this to return the printer name to a variable. Apologies for wasting bandwidth.

====== Original post below =======

I've searched the forum for the answer to this question but haven't found one. Has anyone written a script that displays a list of the names of the currently-installed Windows printers, and lets the user select one, and then inserts that name as a variable?

I've found quite a few scripts that return very detailed printer information, but none that simply list the names of each printer.

I see that I need to start with something like this code:

For $i = 1 To 100
    Local $var = RegEnumVal("HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionDevices", $i)
    If @error <> 0 Then ExitLoop
    MsgBox(4096, "Printer name " & $i, $var)

But I don't see how to get each item into a list that a user can choose from. That's probably the simplest part of the problem, and I apologize for asking a beginner's question.

Thanks for any help.

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