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Hi All,

I am using selenium to automate the website. There is java script pop which is coming after clicking on button. I want to click first on "CONFIRM" button and the handle this pop up thru auoit script.



<form id="theForm2" onsubmit="return checkSubmit()" action="/AdminWeb/com/primustel/admin/presentation/guadmin/custMgt/cancelPageFlow/checkDID.do" method="post" name="confirmCancelForm">


<input type="image" src="/AdminWeb/resources/images/buttons/confirm.gif">


<script type="text/Javascript" language="Javascript">


// Build the netui_names table to map the tagId attributes

// to the real id written into the HTML

if (netui_names == null)

var netui_names = new Object();




Please help.



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Thanks Sticky for replying.

Yes after clicking on button i want to handle/click on OK or cancel using autoit.

I tried this :


$title = WinGetTitle("[active]") ; retrives whole window title




but while that popup is active autoit returns main page as $title not the pop up.


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