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sync file fia ftp while creating & using SSH tunnel

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Hi, I would like to sync a file via my linux server. But:

I would prefer to first open & use a SSH tunnel before starting to log into the ftp and syncing the file. Using SFTP would be fine too I guess. I couldn't find anything help full via google. The only thing I could imagine right now:

Run putty.exe (I'm on Windows 7) with command line options to automatically load the SSH-tunnel session & log into the account. This would mean the ssh tunnel is open and I just need to use an socks5 proxy for localhost:port. Then I could use a simply ftp transfer. I hoped there would be a more "lightweight" solution.

Thanks :)

@edit: It looks like winscp.exe is the only solution.

its a simple .exe that support command line parameters to connect via sftp + sync folders (winscp.exe /sync /folder1 /folder2).. so I guess I will just run that via autoit

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