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New to AutoIt - Can you answer my questions?

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Hi everybody, I'm new to AutoIt and would like to ask some questions.

I have previous experiences with a variant of Lua, and I can say that I understand it very well.

I'm trying to make a executable which will basically simulate mouse movements (clicks too), and keystrokes.

By looking on this page, which explains the "Send" function syntax, I wasn't entirely sure as to its usage.

I didn't understand how to use the keys very well. For example, would this be correct?

Send("{F1}", 1) ;would this simulate the F1 key?
Send("!1", 0) ;would this simulate ALT+1 (the 1 from the top of the "qwerty/azerty" bit)

I also have a few questions about reading .ini files.

I have a file, config.ini. How do I locate it, then read it, and store each part in variables right after the equal sign contained in the .ini, so that

I can use it later?

config.ini example

; random names
x = Send("!3")
y = Send("!4")
z = Send({F1}, 1)

Or would it be better to use just strings, like so:

; random names
x = "!3"
y = "!4"
z = "{F1}"

Also, is it possible to count how many images are in a specific area of a window?

And is it possible to read text in a specific area of a window, store it in a variable and use it later?

How do I simulate a left/right button mouse click? Is there a specific function for that too?

Is it possible to simulate a prolonged mouse click (drag) ?

Thanks in advance!

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Break this down into individual tasks, tackling each task with the help file and forum searches. When you need help post the code you are working on using the code tags (the autoit symbol)...

Good Luck,


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