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free invoices recogniction helper

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1. Install Tesseract-OCR, thats free OCR engine which can be run from command line - first argument is image, second is output txt

2. Install adobe reader also for free

3. Install autoit3

4. get download attached script file

5. make shortcut on desktop to autoit3 and use that scipt as argument, create keybord shortcut eg CTRL+ALT+G

6. launch adobe with scanned pdfs

-First CTRL+C and we got image which we want to OCR

-Second CTRL+ALT+G and we got text from that image in clipboard

7. launch your banking software and CTRL+V data directly from invoices

one keybord shortcut more is more comfortable then retype everything by hand.


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yes, i know that thread and its program. that program do capture from defined part of screen after few seconds then ocr it. it is also ready for scan arrays. - tested on windows 7 give back some errors; and their's author page doesnt exist any more.

my program is simpler = shorter and it is require user to copy into clipboard a part of image which can be recognized and give it back as text ready to be copied into online forms.

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