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autoit with spotfire

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Launching it is simple.

Run("Path & executable")

then opening the text file, do you mean in notepad or in spotfire?

If you want to open it in notepad, use this:

ShellExecute("Path & Filename")

Also, as for trying to control the program, what do you want to do? Click buttons, input text?

Run the Au3Info tool from scite (Tools>AU3Info) or CTRL+F6 or run it from the autoit directory.

You can use this to get information about the controls such as the buttons, and then you can

send a click to the button.

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Thanks Mikeman, sorry for not being very clear. I meant open .csv file in spotfire using Autoit control commands.

Below is my simple code but I can only get spotfire to launch and could not get it to control the "Work Offline" botton on the spotfire login menu.

my $Au3 = Win32::OLE->new("AutoItX3.Control");


{ my $string1 = shift;

# my $spotfire_filename = 'C:Program FilesSpotfireDXP2.0Spotfire.Dxp.exe';

my $spotfire_filename = $string1;

my $spotfire_app = mP_SYS_WIN2UNIX($spotfire_filename);

$Au3->run("$spotfire_app"); #Need to provide full path including dxp filename

$Au3->WinWaitActive("TIBCO Spotfire Login");

$Au3->Opt("WinWaitDelay", 250); # wait 250ms after spotfire login activated

$Au3->ControlClick("TIBCO Spotfire Login", "Work &Offline", "[iNSTANCE:3; NAME:workOfflineButton]");

$Au3->WinWaitActive("TIBCO Spotfire");


mP_SPOTFIRE_OPEN('C:Program FilesSpotfireDXP2.0Spotfire.Dxp.exe');

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