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DDEML help needed with metatrader4 trading app

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I already got help from doudou, thanks, but I couldn't implement my logic.

There is a forex trading application called metatrader4 (mt4) which has built-in DDE Server functionality.

Forum of this: http://www.metatrader4.com/forum/235

Yes,if I put =MT4|BID!EURUSD to Excel as a formula, it gives updated realtime data well.

Exactly this I want to implement in Autoit, and than write to SQLite DB (I know how)

AutoIt is so cute and simple, much better than opening an excel sheet and from that writing VBA code with VBA SQLite wrapper.

What would be the steps to use this DDEML? (I've read MS DDEML coding steps, but I'm confused)

$value1 = "MT4"

$value2 = "BID"

$value3 = "EURUSD"

$result = _DDEMLClient_RequestString($value1,$value2,$value3)

This is not enough.

Please help me if you know the solution.

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