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Word interaction query [solved]

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Ok it's not strictly an Autoit question but it relates to using the word com object from my autoit prog.

I need to delete the contents of a word document and replace it with a short message.

I've tried playing with range.text but this doesn't include the tables etc., though it's fine for adding the message

The VBA would be something like

Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory

or perhaps


How do i convert this to Autoit?

I'd thought something like

                 $oWordApp.ActiveDocument.Range.Text = "Cancelled by user "&@YEAR&@MON&@MDAY&@HOUR&@MIN&@SEC

The range.txt bit works on its own by replacing the old text with the message, but I can't get the same thing to work on the entire document - using wholestory in place of range.text just gives a com error.

Any suggestions, anyone?



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Solved after more searching around

$oWordApp.ActiveDocument.Range.Text= "Cancelled by user "

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