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Sort Viewlist on itembackground or (icon)image

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I am making a Viewlist to show Active Directory users.

For disabled users, I plan to change the itembackground color to red or add a red cross icon in front of the item.

Is it possible to sort these items on icons or itembackground?

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Yes, but you'll have to handle this in your listview call back sort function.

to simplify, don't sort with the text between item A and item B but get their backgroundcolors or their image ( icon ).

Alernative,I would go with an hidden column or an array that stores all the listview item.

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Hi arcker, I don't understand exactly what you mean with your first two lines.

Did you mean I have to use _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack?

Do I have to write my own sort routine?

Your idea of using an hidden "sort" column was indeed one of the things I was thinking of...

I 'll go with the hidden column option for now :-), but other solutions are also welcome.

Arcker thanks for your valuable input!

Martijn (Sontec)

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