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How to send WM_USER to a window

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Using Winspector and clicking on a graphical button within an app I see the following commands (filtering out WM_MOUSEMOVE, WM_NCHITTEST, WM_SETCURSOR):






WM_USER + 9977 (0x00002af9)



From my reading, I understand that WM_USER is an internal message so am I correct in thinking sending that message to the window should click the button?

If so can someone please tell me how, or ideally, provide sample code that would do that?


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Seems like a dicey way to do it. For one thing if the developer adds some messages all the numbering may change. C guys have a tendency to do stuff like

#define MY_MSG (WM_USER + 1)

#define MY_NEW_MSG (MY_MSG + 1)


you see the peril. If the programmer sticks a new msg in the middle the numbering changes from that point on.

Why do you need to poke into a program private msg? If there is a button can't you just send it a click?

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