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Something doesn't make any sense..

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I have a little question:

I used the Help File and searched on the forum for the MouseCoordsMode (for MouseClick function).

I get this information:

0 = relative coords to the active window

1 = absolute screen coordinates (default)

2 = relative coords to the client area of the active window

So, I wanted to get the position of mouse in a specific window,

So I put in the top of my script this code:

Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) // 0 = window.

And in the info tool I changed to this:

Posted Image


when I run the script, the mouse goes to the wrong position O_o


when I changed this line:

Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) // 0 = window. TO:

Opt("MouseCoordMode",1) ,

The mouse moved to the position I wanted O_o

Why ?

In the info tool, as you see, the coord mode was for "Window",

And when the Opt was MooseCoordMode, 1, then the script works (which 1 referres to 1 = absolute screen coordinates (default))

Any ideas? :S

Thanks !

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Your results our indeed backwards. But running a quick test of my own with notepad I don't seem to have any problems. Did you verify the results the info tool gave you? Just by looking at them you should be able to tell if they our absolute or window coordinates. If you post the actual mouse coordinates I might better help in spotting the problem..

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