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Automatically switch between windows (very basic questions)

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I was looking for a program, that could automatically switch between open windows and maybe make them go fullscreen. Sure enough i found some, but that do it with fixed timer.

What i need to accomplish is to show "program1" for, say, 40 seconds and then "program2" for, say, 10 second.

The aim is to show karting laptimes from program called Rmonitor, and in between random info screens from picture viewer like Picasa or something like that.

Well, i havent really programmed anything at all, never, but im quite interested about Autoit.

What i accomplished so far is this:

While 1
   WinActivate("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")
   WinActivate("[CLASS:Wordpad]", "")

What i get out of this, is that Notepad comes active every 20 second. Why doesnt Wordpad work in between?

And also how can i call for 3rd party program? The program file is RMonitor and its by default located in C:Program FilesTrack TimingRMonitor

Any help is very much appreciated

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Did you check the Classname for wordpad with au3info?

No, i didnt know to look for that. This helped me alot and now i have working prototype of what i want. Next ill try to make everything start in begining of the script, now ill have to start the programs manually before the script.

And this is what i made:

While 1
   WinActivate("[CLASS:TFMain]", ""); Activate Rmonitor
   Sleep(30000); Show Rmonitor for 30 seconds
   WinActivate("[CLASS:WMPlayerApp]", ""); Activate Windows Media Player
  Send("{ALTDOWN}{enter}{ALTUP}"); Make Media Player go full screen
   Sleep(10000);Show Media Player in full screen for 10 seconds
   Send("{ALTDOWN}{enter}{ALTUP}"); Make Media Player go windowed
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