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I was curious to see if it is Possible to Make a Script That Can Run in the background?

i have search in the forum but all i have figured out so far is that i have to use controllsend insted of noraml send if i want the script to write something in the hiden window. ;)

but my question is if it is possible to have a internett page hiden in the background and have a script acctivate on it at the same time. and if this is possible can you tell me where i can read about it, what the names on the comand or if we have a guid or something :)

thanks in advance :D

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Hi, Rakarna. Check out _IECreate under the Help File, the third option is "Visible". You can also interact with it using the control methods such as ControlClick and ControlSend. Feel free to post some code once you've had a chance to read through it, and we can help with any sticking points :)

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