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Permanent block. When I get up and find I have 3 PMs from somebody I've never heard of complaining because they were warned for breaking our rules (when they were breaking our rules)... well, you're going to go away.

The PMs were real gems, though.

Hi i know u here not helping guys who doing/selling bots.

I just asked how do algorytm to show what option are best in this situation.

Situation: Pick Cards, Your position, What happen before.

That program helps me to play poker becasue at fast games (3-5seconds to do move) i don't find time to read > think and choose corectly.

So the user admits they lack intelligence. Can't think on the fly? Hah. Apparently can't think when given all the time in the world, either, or they wouldn't have PMed the person voted most likely to block your ass.

Second PM was just a copy/paste of the PM the user received from a moderator. The third one is pretty good, though:

I talked at forum about poker strategy program what helps to chose corectly option ( check/fold or raise ) by some options. Just like litle organizer... He said im noob because im trying to do BOT.


What a mess... For bad accusing please do something!

"Bad accusing"? Seems pretty good accusing to me. The only thing bad the moderator did was not listen to his gut instinct to make this nutter go away from the start. That's the "mess" that I've cleaned up.
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User sent an email to the block resolution address found on the read-only page asking why they were blocked. I replied with a link to this thread. Here's the reply I got from that...

Sure, i just do more information about the situation,

You can't edit your sended message right? That's true.

I got warned about bots scripts, but its only eOrganizer who show you option to chose. Like A+B = C

But here i want ask about this algorytm how type and get information :)

You r very nervous why you think like you want see how this program looks rrealy ? I can do short movie ;)

I've seen spam bots pull more coherent snippets of text off web pages than that. What the fuck is this person even talking about? Don't answer, I really don't care.
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