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Some Math problems...

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I need some help with math problems... I can't get the formula Y_Y

This is what I need...

I'm creating some schedule for my group of friends, we are a freelance design team and wee need to work the same time everyone, or at least not to work so much in comparation with others, so I will try to explain the best I can, if someone can help me, thanks!

We are 51 people now, This number can increase or decrease any time.

We have 3 groups at day, and we need at least 11 people per group (so 33 group a day, 18 not working), once you work on a group, then you have vacations, then you go to the next group, and so on.

Groups are: "M", "T" and "N" so you go M, then vacation, then T, then vacation, then N, then vacation, then start over with M.

A year has 365 days, I can only use 225 of them for this tasks (1800 hours at 8 hours per day)

I was thinking about working 7 days then not work other 7 days, because I don't want to work every weekend heh, it will be good if we could only work 2 of 4 weekends, not consecutive, that was working but I don't think it's the ideal way... It doesn't matter how much Days-Vacation rate are, as long as not more than 10 consecutive days working, and not less than 3 days of vacation...

I hope anyone understood this mess and can help me with a formula, then I can continue with my script...

Thank you so much.

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