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Window doesn't accept any AutoIt commands

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Absolutely correct - it's an installer :) .

I'm already using the #RequireAdmin command.

Looking back at my original post, I could've been clearer about this problem. There is only one window in the install that's causing a problem - all other parts of the install are OK. It's been running under XP flawlessly for the last year or more - only a problem under Windows 7.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit, but the installer is written in 32 bit code. I've tried running the script in both, no joy with either. I've not tried running it under a 32 bit version of Windows 7 - I don't have a machine with that on.

There is something else about this window - it stays on top of any other window. If I click on it, It will even appear on top of Window Info!!

I also noticed, looking back through the posts, that I answered one post incorrectly. The question asked if the script hung or continued normally - I said that it continued and exited normally. Don't know why I said that - completely wrong! It hangs - I have to exit the script manually. I was having a bad day when I answered that one ;) Sorry Water.

Anyhow, thanks for all the suggestions - if you have any more they'd be gratefully received. I now have to go and pull the rest of my hair out.

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