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Help Accessing a Pointer

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So I'm working on finding the pointer addresses of the "y" coordinate in a game. I have been using cheat engine to find the dynamic values, and then using Pointer Scan to locate the proper pointer. There are several pointers in my list after sending new dynamic addresses to it many times, so I just picked one of the "MemoryMan.dll"s as my official pointer. I chose "MemoryMan.dll" + 000258C4. (If my process of finding the pointer was wrong, feel free to comment on that too.) So then I went into ollydbg(a debugger), attached to SWTOR, and searched the memory map for MemoryMan so that I could find its address. I found multiple instances of MemoryMan; all with different addresses. I picked the first one that had "(self)" next to its description, and took the address of 0x69D90000 as my pointer address. I would have thought that using the _MemoryPointerRead() function in combination with that pointer address and the offset of 000258C4 would yield the proper value for my Y coordinate, but it is always zero. I would greatly appreciate any help that anybody can offer! Posted Image

This is the program:


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