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Help with a script

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I have used AutoIT for many things already, but I am not a guru with it. I have a script that I run, it opens a window and has buttons on it. I hit different buttons to do different things. I need to read a web page. I am using _IEAttach so it will use the current page I am on.

I have tried using _INetGetSource, _IEDocReadHTML, _IEBodyReadText, etc. like:

$sHTML = _INetGetSource ($url)

MsgBox (0, "duh", $sHTML)

trying many similar things like this, but I just cannot get it to read the page. at best i get a msgbox opened with a 0 in it. If I can pull the information then I should be able to extract certain info into variables which is my goal.

Any help would be appreciated.. Also, is there a place where AutoIT guru's go to offer services writing programs?? I would be willing to just pay someone to help me get my script doing what i need it to. I would love saving the time and head aches involved with trying to figure these things out. I am sure the solution I am looking for is like common knowledge to some gurus here, but it is difficult for me right now..


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Here is the function I have that runs when i click the button. i used a sample web page in this example, it is not the page ill need to scan, but if i can learn how to scan a page ill be one step closer.

It pulls up the messag box but there is only a 0 in the message box.. so not sure what is going wrong.. i also tried putting in $url instead of $oIE but still only the 0 shows up.


Func ButtonFunction1()

$url = "http://www.n17.com/"

$oIE = _IEAttach ("Network 17 - Windows Internet Explorer")

$sHTML = _IEDocReadHTML ($oIE)

MsgBox(0, "DUH", $sHTML)


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