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Autoit3 with cmd files.

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Hi i have recently used autoit to create a Recovery software to work with winpe 3.0 which is working as it is but i wish to make it look a little more professional like as at the momentment and task like formating the hard drive and copying files from one place to another uses .cmd scripts to complete these tasks whilst i am happy with this i am trying to find away for autoit to carry out these tasks with

1. not displaying the cmd windows but showing the commands in a autoit window i.e progress of a diskpart script and using xcopy cmd to copy files to new partition on a hard drive.

2. displaying a progress bar showing the progress of the completed tasks in the cmd files

3. away of deploying a imagex file via autoit3 and display a progress bar and time left counter for this.

plus how can i get autoit to find the correct partition letter on a drive with 4 partitions on it for the xcopy cmd.

hope you can help even if it just pointing me to scripts that i may look at to see how other people has done it..

i will also try to post the script for the app on monday when back at work.

thank you. :)

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