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Put a different Icon for a3x files

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Sadly i lost one of my important scripts that i worked on that for days ( Believe me, maybe more than 50 hours of pure scripting ) , want to know why?

I compiled it to a3x for tests, once i complied it i noticed i did something wrong in main source, i just Shift+Deleted a3x file and right clicked on Au3 file but i didn't see any edit option in context menu, can you guess why? Yes, i removed Au3 file instead of A3x file just coz they are 2 completely different files with same icon.

I know, maybe some of you tell me i can decompile it someway, but it doesn't work coz i used Obfuscator with this parameters exactly:

/cs=1 /cn=1 /cf=1 /cv=1 /sf=1 /sv=1

I tried some File Recovery software with no success, if you want to know, i saved the script on Desktop and it's the only place i had it.

It's 3:13 AM of my fucking night here.

Edit: It's what remains for me :|

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