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NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard Wifi Swicth dc and reconnect

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I cant remember if it was this site or some other site i saw a guy asking how to make a wifi type button. kinda like a laptop. Reason why is unknown, but i wanted to post this case if it was on this site.

i automated NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard to re apply the connection witch dc's you briefly why any one would need something like this. is beyound me.

and yes he uses the NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard. cause he was trying automate it what cought my attention on it cause i got the same thing. but heres the code i used.

while 1
Func _dc()
if not WinExists("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard") Then
msgbox("1","Error","Error, Please make sure NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard is running")
ElseIf WinExists("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard") then
MouseMove(1258,663,1) ; this is where the icon is in the  the tray when it is opend  find  your cords and change
WinWaitActive("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard")
    ControlClick("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard","","[ID:1018]")
    WinSetState("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard","",@SW_RESTORE)
    ControlClick("NETGEAR WNA1100 Smart Wizard","","[ID:1016]")

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