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Dicemaster Slayer

Rotating Passwords

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Dicemaster Slayer

I've seen many scripts here that either use passwords, or could use passwords. My first thought is how to make a secure enough password.

This password generator has two possible outputs: $code and $auth

$code consists of various date macros put into one string.

$auth is $code reversed

Further details are in the script itself. Simply put, the password will rotate slightly every minute, making $auth much more secure.

To implement in your scripts, simply use $auth or $code as something to check a string against. I have tested it thoroughly and it works like a charm.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions as Im working towards perfecting the system.


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Dicemaster Slayer

UPDATE on security:

The original $auth and $code setup can be almost too secure.

Depending on where you include the file, the code will be generated at that point. If you run the program, the generator runs, waits for you to input the code, but you walk away, you'll have to remember when the generator ran, which tends to be when the program starts.

Overall, to maintain the security of the system, edit the generator file and delete the two lines:

$code = @WDAY & @MON & @MDAY & @YEAR & @HOUR & @MIN


$auth = _StringReverse($code)

leaving just the generator itself, which you'll notice is simply the StringReverse function from the String include file.

If updating your code for this, simply add:

$auth = _StringReverse(@WDAY & @MON & @MDAY & @YEAR & @HOUR & @MIN)

just after you would input the code. This way, the code is generated as it is checked from the input.

Any further comments or suggestions on the system are much appreciated.

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