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Intercepting/Remapping all mouse button clicks

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Hello all,

I just bought the new Logitech wireless MX1000 Laser mouse, and found that the software doesn't do Application specific mouse button mappings like my MS Intellimouse Pro.

What I'd like to do is make an AutoIT script that intercepts the default mappings for ALL 12 mouse buttons (Left click, Right click, Middle button, Left mouse wheel tilt , Right mouse wheel tilt, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Page Up, Page Down, Forward, Back, Menu), and reassigns them to user specified mapping depending on the application being run. Intellimouse Pro 4.x software did this, but as far as I can tell Logitech SetPoint does not.

I know how to program everything I need, except getting/sending the mouseclick commands. So my question(s) are:

1. Is there a program/AutoIT script already out there to do this? If so, where is it located at?

2. Are there predefined XP hotkey commands for recieving/sending (HotKeySet/MouseClick) clicks for all the buttons on the mouse? If so, what are they?

I can use any version of AutoIT, including the latest beta for this project. If not all buttons are defined, would there be a way to do a DLLCall to do what I've described above?

The sad thing abou this is that the supplied help file mentions application specific settings, but they are nowhere to be found within the Setpoint software for the MX1000.

Thank you,


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