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Hello guys,

I would like to create a very short script to enable or disable the touchpad of my fujitsu t901 dual digitizer.

I found out that I could enter the microsoft setting by running TabletPC.cpl.

But I'm leasy and would like to prevent to click in this menu to the sub menu for touch, because I know it must be possible to enter thos menu directly.

If I typing "Finger" in the command line of my german windows 7, I get the Stift- und Fingereingabe which is tabletpc.cpl and then I get the thing that I would like to start by a .cpl aswell.

In the german version it is called "Fingereingabeeinstellungen ändern", but I can't click for properties or anything useful and the AutoIT Window Info also dind't help.

Did anyone know the .msc oder .cpl name?


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