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MsgBox (0, "TEST", "TEST")




I'm trying to save a screenshot in the scripts directory with the name of the script being the date and the time but it doesn't work. But it works fine if I set the name manually for image (like _ScreenCapture_Capture("test.jpg")

any ideas please?

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Have you checked what exactly is returned by the _NowDate() UDF?

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The code you posted will not run without adding a couple of #include stmts. Once you get it to run, and, follow Jos's advice you will see that the file name will contain "/" chars. These are invalid for a file name. Perhaps you want to do something like

#include <ScreenCapture.au3>
_ScreenCapture_Capture("c:tmp" & @YEAR & '-' & @MON & '-' & @MDAY & ' ' & @HOUR & @MIN & ".jpg")


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